About Aquinas 101

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The Thomistic Institute is here to help you make sense of his teaching and follow him on his own terms—and in the process, to come to know more deeply the great Catholic and Christian intellectual tradition. This is the inspiration for Aquinas 101. Aquinas 101 offers series of videos designed to help you engage with the truth as Aquinas presents it. We’ll break down who St. Thomas is, his works, and his vocabulary; and, we’ll do a careful walkthrough of the Summa Theologiae. Over the course of these videos, you’ll learn about topics ranging from creation to the last things—all with an eye towards God who gives light to our minds.

We all ask questions about life: Who are we? Who is God? What is wisdom and how do we pursue it? And the world can seem chaotic—full of uncertainty and mystery. In a sea of conflicting voices and opinions it can be hard to chart a course. We need a navigator; someone who can point us towards true north and guide us along the way.

In this endeavor, many who have gone before us have looked to St. Thomas Aquinas. Why? Aquinas is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest philosophers and theologians, and he has proven to be one of history’s finest teachers. Perhaps better than anyone before or since, he harmonized the riches of Scripture and tradition with the wisdom of antiquity. If you’re starting out at learning Aquinas (or if you’re just encountering the Thomistic tradition), it can seem intimidating. But, don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, once you get the hang of it, Aquinas’s thought sheds light on some of the most important questions. You will even find that he has become your friend and a trusted guide in the ways of wisdom.

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